In progress ... this page is updated regularly.

  • page 16, equation (1.34) there should be no prime on the T of the right-hand side [thanks to Peter Lichtner].
  • page 54, after equation (1.197) there is a minus sign missing in R22.
  • page 85, near the end of that page, Ta should be called Va to be consistent with the subsequent calculation. In the next edition I will rename all Va to Ta as this will be consistent with the previous calculations.
  • page 96, in equation (2.103) the term dt2 is missing in the line element [thanks to Hari Patel].
  • page 123, there is r2 missing in (3.49).
  • page 131, equations (3.78) and (3.79) (embarrassing!) both numbers stated should be without the 0. part, just the numerical values after the decimal point. The text on page 128 is correct, so I am not sure how this one stayed unnoticed.
  • page 133, equation (3.86), the final term should read +2Mu2 not minus; page 134, equation (3.88). The previous sign change carries over so the second term should read -u3.
  • page 173, three lines after equation (4.59) the second integration should be from tobs to tobs + δtobs. In the text it says te.
  • page 207, equation (5.10), in the second term A and B have to be interchanged [thanks to Hari Patel].
  • page 214, equations (5.11), (5.55), (5.57), (5.59), and (5.61) should all carry a minus sign which I overlooked to carry on from (5.11) [thanks to Robert Maco].